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Let’s play ball!

At Truth, we believe that inner & outer beauty must be maintained in order to have true inner peace.  The more comfortable you become with yourself, the more comfortable you will be with your life.  No matter what the situation may be.

Most times when life throws us a curve-ball, we can tend to duck, hide, deny, get angry or confused.  Sometimes we can try to catch that ball and throw it back, with a gentler, more accepting toss.  How to reach that point, catch that ball and come to accept life’s challenges with grace and dignity is what we call using our inner beauty….which we quite often neglect.

Outer beauty is easier…….. skin care, make-up, clothing, accessories…they can all dress up the outside.  However, dressing up on the inside is a whole different ballgame.   Some of us can’t even play because we don’t even know the rules!

So, here at Truth, we have come up with a few suggestions on working with the inner beauty of ourselves…We offer a variety of services from professionals who have education and experience in many different healing modalities.  We offer a soul coaching program, with Sandra Finkelstein, that can take you wherever your open heart desires.  Sandra is a certified S.O.U.L. Coach and has helped many satisfied guests.  She is co-owner of Truth, and is available by appointment.  Once you meet Sandra, you will want to come back again and again! Yes, she is superb…

And, Deborah Bogle, M.A. is also available to help nurture, soothe and uplift your inner beauty with her gentle guidance and incredible wisdom.  Deborah has been practicing clinical psychology since becoming a clinical psychologist in 1991.  She has worked with thousands of individuals to help heal trauma and integrate new strategies into their lives.  Deborah practices here at Truth in a safe environment where clients feel protected and secure.  Deborah is also pronounced in E.M.D.R, coaching, counseling and is a Holistic Energy Practitioner.  Deborah does schedule her own appointments, so please contact her directly  248-244-2060, or visit her website at







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