Anti-Aging Facials, Acne Skin Treatments & Organic Facials
image of facial

Photo by ICHK / CC BY-ND 2.0

Our spa uses the most technologically advanced equipment for Facials and Skin Rejuvenation and only the highest-grade Natural and Organic Products. We use specialized serums, Oxygen Therapy, LED & ultrasound for deepest penetration of our potent botanicals. You get results, while enjoying a relaxing facial with massage.

TRUTH Signature Facial $170

Advanced facial.                       Turn back the Clock.

  • Oxygen & ultrasound infused for increased hydration. Collagen stimulation.
  • Exfoliate, brighten, improves skin tone & texture.
  • Facial, Neck & Décollaté Firming Treatment
  • Elegant lip & eye treatment
  • All skin types                         $50 OFF your First Facial

Advance Vitamin C Youthening Facial  $150

  • Ultrasound infused de-ageing facial
  • Exfoliation treatment / Custom masque
  • Elegant lip & eye treatment
  • All skin types                    $50 OFF your First Facial

Classic Organic European Facial  $100

  • Exfoliation Treatment.
  • Custom Masque.
  • Lip & Eye Treatment
  • All skin types

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Treatment  $150

  • Cleans & minimizes pores
  • Kills acne causing bacteria
  • Acne healing treatment .
  • Acne & Problematic skin type                                $50 OFF your First Facial

Detoxifying Purifying Seaweed Facial  $150

  • Seaweed Mineralizing & Detoxifying
  • Great treatment for Oily or Traumatized skin type

LED Light & Mirco Circulation Therapy

  • Complements any facial service
  • Anti-Ageing / Healing treatment

Individual session  $100  / 6 sessions  $500

Face Lift Facial Treatment  $200

Face toning and firming treatment, visible results.          De-ageing with this advance technology for a dramatic youthening effect.

One hour treatment.

Neck & Décollaté Treatment  $20

Fruit Acid Peels  $75

Deep exfoliation, pore minimizing, even skin tone.